5 Things To Know – Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Here are five things you need to know on this Wednesday evening:

On Trial

Tim Burns and his attorney entered the courtroom Wednesday morning for a day filled with testimony.
Burns is charged with wire fraud and aiding and abetting for his alleged role in soliciting investors for Global Aquaponics in Brookings. It’s a story KELOLAND Investigates first brought you.

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The High Price of Fast Growth


Imagine being told your home is worth 50, 60 or even 70 percent more than just a couple of years ago. Homeowners tell KELOLAND Investigates it’s happening in Lincoln County. The reason behind some surprising assessments in a KELOLAND News investigation Wednesday night at 10.

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University Center Future

Capitol News Bureau

University of South Dakota’s University Center in Sioux Falls could be making a big transition and some lawmakers in Pierre are raising their eyebrows. USD President Sheila Gestring told state lawmakers on Wednesday it will be Community College for the city.

BREAKING: USD President Sheila Gestring told South Dakota lawmakers on Government Operations and Audit Committee Wednesday that University Center in Sioux Falls will be Community College for Sioux Falls. “Maybe we should have had more discussion on this,” a legislator responded.— Bob Mercer (@pierremercer) April 24, 2019

Republican Sen. Justin Cronin (R-Gettysburg) said making the switch should require a separate budget item.

Why it matters: Enrollment at Sioux Falls reached as high as 3,890 in fall 2010. By 2013, it was down to 2,802. It kept falling year after year. The fall 2018 head count was reported at 1,108 on the center website.

The bottom line: University Center at Sioux Falls is getting a new name: Community College for Sioux Falls and an altered mission.

Team Coverage: Bob Mercer from Pierre and Don Jorgensen in Sioux Falls on KELOLAND News at 6.

Summer Study

Also in Pierre, lawmakers during next year’s legislative session will revisit whether to legalize hemp and will consider the state’s drug laws and access to mental health treatment. Those were decided as the topics for this summer’s legislative studies.

Saturday Surprise

A Saturday surprise could be coming.

Oh no. Get ready for more snow, but I'm not getting into amounts yet. That will wait, but this memorable month of weather isn't over just yet! Details on KELOLAND This Morning.

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Here’s a look at the forecast for your evening: