Oct. 8 Morning Roundup

Oct. 8 Morning Roundup
The University of South Dakota has leaves changing starting as early as September. The campus is has many scenic trees and routes for students to enjoy. (Malachi Petersen/THE VOLANTE)

Good Thursday Morning, Yotes. Welcome to your morning roundup a new look at USD in brief.

Grab a jacket! Today’s high is only going to be 69 degrees. It will be partly cloudy.

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Have you seen this adorable six-year-old? A
Have you seen this adorable six-year-old? A “mini-Charlie Coyote.” He has gone viral online.

That’s My Bad. Meet Krystal and Liz, the stars of a brand new Vlog coming to The Volante.

Reader’s Comment: “Didn’t know Safe Ride had rules or a “no questions asked” policy, so this was very informative! It makes me wonder what changes could be made to maximize the efficency of the program. Thanks for writing on this!” Read the story.

Mini-Charlie Coyote: This six-year-old has gone viral!

Giving Birth in a Car: “Phil Johnson stopped at a stop sign in Ethan, just in time to reach over and grab the baby’s head.” Read the full story.

Volante E-Edition: We’re one of the last newspapers to still be free online. Well, maybe. If you missed the print edition, check it out online.

Today @ USD: “International Job Opportunities: 10 Secrets of Getting that Overseas Job”

For the latest all day, check out “The Feed” below. We’ll share any updates throughout the day. Comment below if we should be somewhere.

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