BACK TO SCHOOL: Building Changes

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Huntley High School Students Head Back to School August 24. (Michael Geheren)

If you have gone to school school this summer you may have noticed a few changes. We will list all the ones we have noticed.

Office Changes:

It appears the Main (Administrative Office) with Principal Dave Johnson and Assistant Principal Sharon Hartman will move where the current Dean’s office is. With the addition of a third dean the deans office will move into the main office. They have built a wall in the new deans office which will have in front of it an Administrative Assistant who will still be there when guests enter the school and behind the wall will be the deans office. The office was also painted a dark red color.


A lot of painting has gone on in the school. Some of the beams outside the library have been painted gray. Inside the cafeteria the walls where the TV’s are have been painted a dark red and the wall opposite of the food lines are a yellowish color.


The Parking lot has been re-paved

New carpet has been added to the school

Apparently the school now has WiFi it appears it will only be accessible to students in Blended Learning Classes.

The former Sweep Room in the Art Hallway has been converted into an ‘apartment’ to teach real life skills to students.