CBS’ fall TV schedule dominates

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The fall television season is in full swing, with new shows featuring big name actors — like Robin Williams, Allison Janney, Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes. After a few weeks into the fall season I believe the fall season has some great shows, CBS having most of them.

My favorite new show this season is “Hostages.” This show is a thrill ride every week. Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette) is tasked with performing surgery on the President of the United States. Sanders and her family are taken as hostages. I am not sure how the writers will continue the plot, but every episode is full of thrills, action and drama. I think this is a great show.

Another show I love is with Robin Williams in, “The Crazy Ones.” As always, Williams is his hilarious self. The show is based in a Chicago advertising agency. The show’s dialogue can sometimes be extremely fast with Williams, but overall a great story line and a show sure to make you laugh.

I hate to bring up another CBS show, but I think “Mom, “starring Allison Janney is very funny. The storyline is based on three generations of single mom’s, two are recovering alcoholics and the youngest just found out she is pregnant. It is a sitcom I imagine will last a few seasons.

If you haven’t been watching these shows yet, time to get on Hulu and catch up, because these shows are having great seasons.

“Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” is a show that may seem boring to most, but this season it has been quality television. The show has had some gripping episodes and storylines this season.

The last season of my favorite comedy, “How I Met Your Mother” is airing. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Ted finally meets the yellow-umbrella holding, mom. Excellent finale season so far.

Always a funny show is “Modern Family,” if you haven’t ever watched it I highly recommend you do. This show is always very relevant. Props to the amazing writers on this show-, they always make me laugh.

“Criminal Minds,” a serial-killer/police procedural drama that has a large, serious group of followers is off to a great start of the season. The show can sometimes be a little predictable, but always an excellent story. This is one show you do not need to start at the beginning to watch.

“Chicago Fire” is another show I am a fan of. Think Law and Order, but with firefighters. Every episode is another major incident that requires Chicago’s finest to deal with a train crash or explosion. Look for a spinoff coming in the spring called “Chicago P.D.” The show will focus on Chicago’s police department.

With some of America’s most viewed shows such as “The Office,” “30 Rock,” “Breaking Bad,” “CSI: NY” and “90210” ending last season, a big void filled the television waves. I think CBS stepped up to the plate and chose to air some top notch shows.