CDC Reports E. Coli Cases Connected To Romaine In South Dakota

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The E. coli outbreak has hit South Dakota.

Contaminated romaine lettuce from Arizona means new cases of E. coli infections are being reported every day.

In a report just released by the CDC, South Dakota has become the latest state to be impacted by the outbreak. The federal government is now reporting 84 people in 19 states have been infected. Half were hospitalized, including nine with kidney failure. People with E. coli infections usually get sick three to four days after eating a contaminated food.

“We are advising people if they can’t confirm that their lettuce did not come from Yuma, Arizona, that they go ahead and throw it out. Don’t buy it; don’t eat it,” CDC’s foodborne outbreak response team Dr. Laura Gieraltowski said.

Most people develop symptoms like diarrhea, severe stomach cramps and vomiting and recover within a week.

As we reported earlier this week, several local businesses and school districts including Sioux Falls and Rapid City have stopped using romaine from the impacted areas.

The CDC says it will continue to monitor for new illnesses and will update its guidance on what people should not be eating if necessary.

The South Dakota Department of Health is saying that the South Dakota resident who was infected with E. coli got sick out of state.