Domestic Violence Resources: Digital Footprint

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Staying safe online is important in Domestic Violence situations.

Domestic Abuse resource websites warn you that your search history can be tracked.
They also offer a quick way to get off the site, by hitting the escape key or the escape button.

We’ve now put an escape button option on all the stories on

Another way to keep your search history is to use a private browsing feature. This is easiest in Google Chrome on desktops and smartphone by opening an “Incognito Mode” window.

When you open an incognito window, your history won’t be saved after your close your tab.

However, your internet service provider can still track that information.

It’s important to know any files you download or bookmarks will save.

An even safer option is to go to a local library or shelter.

We’ve linked to a number of resources on a special page at Please make sure if you or someone you know is in a abusive relationship, you are encouraged to use it.