Fireworks malfunction injures 9 in Colorado town

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AVON, CO — Nine people suffered minor injuries after a fireworks shell exploded in its tube and caused “two to three shells to cross into the crowd.” The accident occurred Friday evening at a Colorado town’s “Salute to the USA” fireworks show.

Officials say nine people experienced minor abrasion wounds and were treated by emergency medical personal at the scene.

“It is wonderful news that the injuries were very minor,” said deputy police chief Greg Daly.

The accident occurred 17 minutes into the show, officials said in a statement.

An initial investigation showed a shell that was supposed to fire into the sky exploded in its tube. The misfire caused the rack of shells to tip in two directions, which sent two or three shells into the crowd of an estimated 20,000.

The program was immediately shut down after the incident.

“Police, fire and emergency medical staff responded to the incident in less than one minute,” Daly said.

Western Enterprises of Oklahoma produced the show. Avon town manager Virginia Egger credits the limited number of injuries to Western’s staff for their quick response and the safety distance between the fireworks and the crowd.

An complete investigation into the cause of the malfunction is ongoing.