Four things you can do to get a pothole filled quicker in Sioux Falls

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KELOLAND News followed the process of getting potholes filled in Sioux Falls. In a conversation with city staff, they said there are four ways to get a pothole filled quickly on your street corner or on the way to work.

1) Report it on the City of Sioux Falls OneLink App or online

The City of Sioux Falls has an app to report a number of issues impacting residents. Potholes are just one of them. The app allows you to submit the request on your phone. This can be done on the internet, or with an iPhone or Android app.

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2) Ensure it’s actually a pothole

One issue the city has found since launching the app is people mislabeling road issues. If it’s something else like a more extensive asphalt issue – that is likely on a schedule for maintenance.

“We added a category for asphalt issues to let them know that this is something we know of, it is going to be addressed, but it’s going to take longer than a week and we keep that open until we actually fix that problem,” said Streets Technical Clerk, Kristin Lobien.

3) Tag a location and make sure it’s the right one

The app allows residents to tag a location of where the pothole is. Often someone will see a pothole on their way to work, and then report it once they get there. If the location is on, it will tag the workplace and not the pothole. This makes it more challenging for crews to get to the right area.

4) Take a picture

Taking a photo of the pothole allows city crews to identify where it is exactly and how severe it is. If your phone’s location services are on, it will actually update the app’s location to exactly where the photo was taken – and thus getting the crews to the pothole quicker.