Google Trends Show Spike In Searches For AMBER Alert

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After Monday night’s AMBER Alert flooded phones, TV and social media, many turned to Google to research more about the situation.

In South Dakota, you can see the this line graph showing relative Google search interest in AMBER Alert on Monday spike shortly after the alert was sent out.

Google also looked at what other things people were searching for.

In addition to searching for the alert, people are looked up the town where it originated – “Maple Valley, WA.”

Another top search term was “What is an AMBER Alert?” and “Lowes Syndrome.” That’s the disease one of the children had, which law enforcement was considering life threatening.

Google says related terms generated are ranked according to search volume. Gratuitously offensive terms have been removed from the list.

Earlier on Tuesday, Attorney General Marty Jackley said 38-year-old Paul Brown was arrested after an Amber Alert was issued for South Dakota at 10:11 p.m. Tuesday. He said three tips including information about Brown’s vehicle were received within 10 minutes of the alert.

“The power and the importance of the Amber Alert system and the public were proven last night,” Jackley said. “The system allows for community support with multiple eyes looking for children in danger and allowing law enforcement to focus their search efforts when time is so vital.”