Hello 2012!

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2011 was the year of Hollywood breakups, bad guy deaths, hospital controversy, Route 47’s end of construction and a new chapter in The Voice history.

Over this past year we have done some major advancements at The Voice. We started with the concept of going online last year. A general design was created in February. From that point on until August we worked with the school district to improve the idea and trained our staff. We then had a soft launch when school started and an official launch that was an excellent start. Since launching I have talked to other high school papers and local news organizations to find what is good and what is bad about our site. We developed a plan to overhaul our staff and the structure of our program. We also decided to redesign the site.

The new Voice online has cut down on white space that wasn’t needed and launched a completely new site!

What’s new?

  • Trending Want to know about a big topic happening like Route 47 or Homecoming? This will be the spot (look under the search bar)
  • Comments We redesigned our comment system to make sure you can voice your opinion
  • MyVoice We want you to use The Voice as a platform. Now you can. If you are interested in blogging about anything email our blogging editor bailey.poczos@huntleyvoice.com.
  • Ads We want to stay in business and going online and printing a paper isn’t cheap. We are completely self-funded so selling ads is vital. If you are a local advertiser interested in purchasing and ad online or in the paper email business@huntleyvoice.com.
  • 300 Word Features These are coming very soon. We won’t say too much, but I can say that it will be a cool look inside the school.

  • Screen shot 2011-12-31 at 6.53.14 PM

    uCentral We have been working hard at creating a resource for students at Huntley High School on their college search. We will be updating it every month. We will be adding advice from counselors and college admissions reps soon.

I would also like to introduce our new online editorial board:

Michael Geheren

Digital Editor in Chief

Michael is the Online Editor in Chief for The Voice. He launched and runs huntleyvoice.com. Michael is interested in video editing, activism and journalism. He also works for Chicago Tribune’s The Mash. Michael has interviewed Senator John McCain and Representative Joe Walsh. He has been featured on WMAQ-TV, WLS Radio and is working on a television show by The Mash. His personal website isgeheren.me You can email him at michael.geheren@huntleyvoice.com or follow him on twitter:@mgeheren.

Joe Cristo

Managing Online Editor

Joe loves music, movies and TV, go figure. He has an eclectic mix of musical tastes from Amy Winehouse to The Strokes. He loves Woody Allen movies and Seinfeld. Follows sports and has an amazing fantasy team. His favorite subjects include history and English.

Holly Baldacci

Online Editor

Holly Baldacci is a sophomore at Huntley High School in Huntley, IL. She is a member of the HHS girls golf team, as well as art club and academic team, and enjoys reading, sketching, and hanging out with her friends and family. This is her first year on the newspaper staff for The Voice, and she is looking forward to many more years in Publications Production. She moved to Algonquin from Houston, Texas in 2000, and has been a student in District 158 since kindergarten. You can contact her atholly.baldacci@hunleyvoice.com.

Yazmin Dominguez

Online Editor

Yazmin Dominguez is a junior at Huntley High School(obviously) and is a staff writer in the HHS Newspaper. Her various extra curricular activities include being a teen journalist at The Mash newspaper, kick-boxer, active member in peer jury, peer ministry youth leader, and president of Baking Club (Wooo! ) When not doing anything school related (which is rare) she is spacing out, petting her two wonderful dogs, on Facebook, acting silly with friends, avoiding awkward moments or cracking Thats What She Said jokes. Yazmin enjoys being chill and not being told what to do. :]
Follow her on Twitter!! @tweetingyazmin

Kierra Renwick

Online Editor

Kierra Renwick is currently a sophomore and a staff writer for The Voice. Kierra likes to play soccer. When she isn’t playing soccer or writing for the newspaper, she is reading, having fun with her friends, or loving her family.

Here’s to 2012, let’s hope is is successful as 2011!