Increased screen time leading to ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ and long-term effects

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (NewsNation Now) — Many people are spending more time using electronic devices while staying at home due to the pandemic, but all that screen time is having a negative impact on the vision of some people and it can have long-term effects.

Optometrists call it “computer vision syndrome” and it’s caused by the blue light emitted from screens.

Some of the symptoms include dry or burning or stinging eyes and headaches around the eye area.

Dr. Laura Suppa is an Optometrist in West Virginia.

“In the long-run, they also may think it may cause things like macular degeneration and cataracts like UV can, but what it can damage in your eyes is prevented a lot of the times or blocked by at least glasses that have blue light filter in them,” Dr. Suppa said to NewsNation affiliate WOWK-TV.

Optometrists recommend taking breaks away from the screen, blinking often and wearing blue light blocking glasses.