KELOLAND Working With Electionland To Track Problems At Polls

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News outlets all across the country, including KELOLAND News, will once again be tracking possible problems at the polls this year, but we need your help to do it.

Text VOTE to 81380 to help us track problems at the polls. We’ll text you back on Election Day.

As candidates make their pitches to the public leading up to the mid-term election, news outlets are preparing to cover the busy day.

Our newsroom has partnered with Electionland, a nationwide team of journalists and other groups monitoring your voting experience in real time.

You have the power to help us right at your fingertips.

If issues like long lines or voter intimidation should arise at polling locations, reporters across the country will know about them quicker than ever before thanks to a new project.

Social media posts and voter feedback will be monitored at the Electionland headquarters in New York to determine where possible voting problems are occurring.

Electionland will then notify a newsroom if voters in their area are encountering any problems at polling sites.

KELOLAND News participated in the 2016 Electionland project as well.

Here’s how you can help us: take out your phones and help us track possible voting issues by texting VOTE to 81380.

We’ll check in with you on Election Day to find out how your voting experience is going.