Moving Onward

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The Voice Staff 2012-13 (Voice File Photo)

Well, it’s time to move onward with our lives. Seniors are moving on from Huntley High School. Today is the day to cap off our four years here. It has been a pleasure representing the voice of the students these past four years. I hope you have enjoyed coming on our website. Just like all of us, The Voice has changed a lot. While you were students at HHS we created an online version of it, won a national award and have done so many amazing things.

This wouldn’t have been done without these amazing people:

  • Dennis Brown, Advisor – Brown has been the biggest supporter of myself and my crazy ideas. He let me create this website. He has championed me throughout high school and helped me become who I am today and what I will be tomorrow. There are not enough thank you’s for him.
  • Randi Peterson, Print Editor in Chief – Randi has been a great person to work alongside to run this publication. She was one of the brightest to walk through HHS and is destined for amazing things.
  • Marek Makowski, Sports Editor – Did you know Marek is the Illinois Journalist of the Year? His work is amazing and his dedication even better. Marek supported me at the beginning when not everyone did and was there to help me when everything was crumbling. He is an amazing storyteller and will be writing some of the best things you see.
  • Mike Krebs, Photo Editor – All the photos you see on the site are probably shot by him. What an amazing job he did.
  • Joe Cristo, A&E Editor – Joe was the managing editor of the website last year and helped me tremendously getting this off the ground.
  • Dave Johnson, Principal – Mr. Johnson is one of the best principals you will meet. He just won Illinois Journalism Education Association’s Administrator of the Year for a reason. He always allows the voice to use its First Amendment rights and when we make mistakes he backs us up, but helps us grow. Enjoy retirement Mr. Johnson, Huntley High School will not be the same without you.
  • Dr. John Burkey, CSD158 Board of Education and District Administration – thank you for being so supporting of the HHS Journalism Department. I have seen how some other school’s journalism departments are squashed down by their administration, but you let us express our voice.
  • My Editors – Thank you for making my job so easy and helping me create an amazing site.

Next year the Editor in Chief of both the newspaper and the website will be Holly Baldacci. I am confident she is going to do some amazing things with this journalism program along with Kyle Sommerfield, Content Editor and Kierra Renwick, Design Editor.

So Class of 2013, I think we made our mark on this school from the moment we entered. I believe the classes below us have a lot to prove. Take these words of advice seniors:

“Think Big.
Big Dreams.
Big Risks.
Big Rewards.”

Al Neuharth, Founder of USA Today

The only advice I can offer to the juniors, sophomores, freshmen and incoming freshmen is this – enjoy every moment, don’t be afraid to be yourself and feel free to make mistakes, high school is such a fun time, but it ends very fast.

Best of luck to all of the seniors. It has been one fun ride. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Michael Geheren
Digital Editor in Chief
The Voice

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