REAL OR FAKE: Hurricane Irma Social Media Posts

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Originally published on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 2:51 p.m. | Last updated on Monday, Sept. 11 at 5:00 p.m.

As Hurricane Irma continues to batter Florida this weekend, social media is filling up with some questionable posts. The KELOLAND News Investigates team is checking these posts out for you to see if they’re REAL or FAKE.

On Friday, we told you what to look out for.

How To Spot Fake Hurricane Irma Posts On Social Media

With a major natural disaster, comes a barrage of fake social media posts. KELOLAND News Investigates continues our Real or Fake series by giving you a guide as to what to watch out for. Hurricane Irma is on a direct path to Florida. This is incredible video of the monster storm from space.

If you have a post you want us to verify, share with Angela Kennecke on Facebook or email [email protected]

Here’s some of what we’ve verified so far. This story will continue to be updated.

Is Irma sucking up the ocean?

We got several of these requests. These posts are REAL.

THIS IS REAL A viewer sent @AngelaKennecke this video asking if it is indeed real or fake. (1/3)

It’s not gone forever, though. According to Meteorologist Angela Fritz, “Basically, Hurricane Irma is so strong and its pressure is so low, it’s sucking water from its surroundings into the core of the storm.”

The photos and videos we keep getting sent to KELOLAND Investigates are from the Bahamas. It’s also happening in Florida too:

It’s actually also happening in Florida. Winds have pushed the water out of Charlotte Harbor in Florida leaving boats on their sides. (3/3) — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017

Are there sharks on the interstate?


All weekend #KELONews is verifying #HurricaneIrma posts. Send them to me or @AngelaKennecke and we’ll them out. — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017

No, this post is FAKE. This might be one of the most common social media hoaxes during a storm.

Is Disney removing the top of Cinderella’s castle?

No, this post is FAKE.

Nice fake here, i suppose

This picture appears to be Photoshopped. We found posts dating back to 2014 with a very similar image:

Here’s the original image. The castle @DisneyParks is not removed during a hurricane. (2/3)

Are the Flamingos moving indoors?

You probably have seen the famous Flamingo photo from Hurricane Andrew. Well, they’re on the move again to shelter in place across Florida for Irma. These posts are REAL.

THIS IS REAL The flamingos are indoors at SeaWorld.

All weekend #KELONews is verifying #HurricaneIrma posts.

: @SeaWorld (1/3) — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017

This also happened today (3/3) — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017

Flooding at Miami Airport? A video shared by President Donald Trump’s social media director, is FAKE (kind of). Don Scavino Jr. shared the following post on Twitter (and kept it up for about 30 minutes).

This video is REAL, but it’s actually from Mexico. Here’s a screenshot of the Tweet, in case it’s deleted. (2/4) — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017

The Tweet has since been deleted after Miami International Airport confirmed it was fake.

This video is not from Miami International Airport. — Miami Int’l Airport (@iflymia) September 10, 2017

It appears to be video from Mexico City in late August.

Here’s the post from Mexican media outlets from August ALSO, after about 30 min, the original Tweet deleted (4/4) — Michael Geheren (@mgeheren) September 10, 2017