Stimulus checks: You could be missing out on money, and the IRS says act ‘as quickly as possible’

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WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — The latest round of stimulus checks comes with an extra $1,400 for each child and other dependents including: college students, adults with disabilities, parents and grandparents. However, the IRS says some people are missing out on that benefit.

Here’s who is impacted:

  • Some federal benefits recipients, like those with Social Security, don’t normally file a tax return. This year, they have to file one to be considered for an additional payment for their qualified dependents.
  • People who don’t file tax returns and don’t receive federal benefits, like those experiencing homelessness or the rural poor.
  • People who didn’t get the first or second rounds of stimulus payments or got less than they were eligible.

What you should do:

File a tax return for 2020. There is free tax return preparation is available for many Americans.

For those people in the third category who didn’t receive the first or second checks or didn’t get enough, the IRS says those people will also need to file tax returns even if they normally don’t to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit.

For the third round of stimulus checked, the IRS has issued 156 million payments, with a total value of approximately $372 billion.