The need for substitute teachers in Sioux Falls

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls School District is hiring.

The call for substitute teachers is being put on billboards across the city to keep up with the growing district.

On an average day, 125-300 substitute teachers are in classrooms across the city, according to the district’s director of human resources Becky Dorman.

“With the flexibility that we offer for subbing, we get people that have maybe two days a month that they’re able to come in and maybe help in their student’s school or a school that their student used to attend, and they just want to be able to help out,” Dorman said. “With that type of flexibility, you need more people around to be able to do that.”

Dorman thinks it’s one of the most flexible jobs out there. Once the sub is hired on, they just pick up shifts. If something comes up, they can drop the shift. The shifts are half or full-days.

Kristine Hayes is one of those substitutes on the first day of school at Lincoln High School.

“I think I can’t stress enough, how teaching at its best is magic, and you don’t get to just see that coming in as a sub. But, you don’t even get to have a chance of seeing it, if you don’t come in as a sub,” Hayes said.

The district wants to hire 250 more substitute teachers to create a pool of 600. Dorman explains on any given day there can be 125-300 substitutes in the district working.

However, the reason the pool is much higher is so that the district can meet the flexibility of all the subs and accommodate if they substitute teach in other districts.

The requirements for the job are one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Associates Degree with two years of work experience
  • HS Diploma or GED and at least five years of successful working experience

The pay ranges from $110-120 per day, according to Dorman.

If you’re interested in learning more about the job or apply, click here.

The district is also looking to hire custodians.

First day of school photo gallery

  • Courtesy: Julie McAlister.
  • Courtesy: Rick Harkema.
  • Courtesy: Alison Hakenson.
  • Courtesy: Sarah Eichmann.
  • Tea students Korbin and Brennan. Courtesy: Jared Pigott.
  • Maxix Jones. Courtesy: Emily Jones.
  • Madison Dragt. Courtesy: Carrie Dragt.
  • Reese Bruns, Tea Middle School; Rylan Bruns, Tea Venture Elementary | Courtesy Kelli Bruns
  • BrookLin Hoek, Tri-Valley | Courtesy Jeremy Hoek
  • Norah Nielson, Legacy Elementary in Tea
  • Lexi and Landry. Courtesy: Sheri.
  • First day at Sioux Valley. Courtesy: Jessie Mix-Erickson.
  • Keira’s first day at Tri Valley Elementary Courtesy: Lindsay Slepikas
  • Ellie’s first day of school Courtesy: Abby Cates
  • Spencer and Carter in Harrisburg. Courtesy: Nicole Pick.
  • Max first day of second grade. Courtesy: Peg Williams.
  • Thomas first day of first grade. Courtesy: Peg Williams.
  • First day at Harvey Dunn. Courtesy: Jill Freerks.