Water issues create challenge for firefighters in Colton

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COLTON, S.D. (KELO) – As fire crews worked to battle a fire in the center of Colton Tuesday morning, finding water became a challenge.

Colton Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jon Randby tells KELOLAND News that the water tower in town isn’t equipped to fight as big of a fire as the one at Matr’s Garage.

The Minnehaha County Water Corporation monitors water levels at the water tower to let fire officials know just how much they can use from the fire hydrants.

Meanwhile, tankers from at least six fire departments transported water from the city pool, a pump house to get water out of the old city wells and another location outside of town. Once they brought the water to the scene, it was put into what’s called a drop tank and then used to fight the fire.

The city worked with rural the Minnehaha County Water Corporation. They turned off the water supply so it wouldn’t impact Colton residents.

“We do have that safety barrier built in where we’ll only take so much water out of the water town and they shut us off to make sure everyone in town has water,” Randby said.

Randby said this is a common technique for rural fire departments.