What you need to know right now about flooding and tornado clean-up across South Dakota

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Widespread, significant flooding is happening across South Dakota as Sioux Falls is cleaning up from three EF-2 tornadoes.

Here is everything you need to know right now.

Road closures

  • A no travel advisory has been issued in Lake County. A bridge washed out on 457th Avenue 1/2 a mile south of 228th Street.
  • 461st Avenue & 239th Street in Madison is barricaded due to a bridge starting to wash out.
  • 254th Street between 466th and 467th Avenue is closed. 254th Street between 473rd and 475th Avenue is closed as well.
  • Highways 38 and 42 west of Highway 19 are under a no travel advisement. I-90 west of Sioux Falls is closed.
  • I-90 is closed from Highway 281 (Exit 310) and Interstate 29 (Exit 396) at Sioux Falls.
    • Westbound traffic detour from Sioux Falls is I-29 north to Brookings, Highway 14 west to Highway 281, then south back to Interstate 90.
    • Eastbound traffic detour from I-90 is north on Highway 281 at Plankinton, east on Highway 14 and south on I-29 to Sioux Falls.
    • Local traffic only will have access to I-90 between Mt. Vernon (Exit 319) and Bridgewater (Exit 357) and Humboldt (Exit 359) to Sioux Falls.
    • The westbound on-ramps to I-90 at Sioux Falls will be closed.
  • No travel is advised on I-90 from Kimball to Plankinton.
  • Highway 11 is closed south of Brandon between Sioux Falls and Brandon.
  • Highway 18 is closed north of Wagner
  • Highway 19 is closed near Madison.
  • Highway 38 is closed west of Humboldt.
  • Highway 38 is closed near Spencer, SD.
  • Highway 37 is closed north of Ethan.
  • Highway 44 is closed near Armour and a bridge is out.
  • Highway 44 is closed from Parkston to Highway 81.
  • Highway 44 is closed near Corisca and a bridge is out.
  • Highway 44 is closed west of Platte.
  • Highway 46 is closed west of Wagner.
  • Highway 81 is closed south of I-90.
  • Highway 81 is closed from Winfred to near Madison.
  • Highway 81 is closed south of Arlington.

Road closures can change at any moment. Click here for the latest road closures.

Some county roads are closed in Minnehaha County.

Evacuations and flooding information

  • Many of the roads washed out in March are washed out again.
  • Crews are putting up road closed signs as fast as they can.
  • However, extreme caution should be used while driving on any road.
  • A sandbag station has been set up for residents at the HWY Shop at 1224 W. 5th Ave.
  • The City of Mitchell is unable to provide a sandbag station, as it is underwater.
  • Several homes have flooded basements, sewage backup, and a few with collapsed basement walls.
  • Free clean up buckets/mops are available through the Salvation Army, located at 724 N. Sanborn Blvd.
  • The Salvation Army is on the scene in Mt. Vernon assisting in operations, with plans to serve a meal tonight at the Lutheran Church.

The McCook County Sheriff’s office says there is a mandatory evacuation in effect in the City of Montrose because of swelling river levels. Click here for latest details.

  • Flooding is anticipated to exceed levels from the flood in March.
  • Free sandbags are available for Dell Rapids residents. Pickup is at 3rd and Orleans. You have to load and haul yourself.
  • The only road in and out of town is from the south using State Highway 115 (475th Ave) to 251st St.
  • The auxiliary spillway at Lake Hanson has been compromised just before noon on Thursday.
  • The lake is draining to the southwest, where no homes or structures are in danger.
  • Residents in the area told KELOLAND News the lake is expected to be drained within a few hours.
  • Heavy rain and flooding has washed out roads near Lake Platte.
  • KELOLAND Viewer David Paul sent the newsroom photos and video of a washed-out road with water running rapidly from the lake Thursday morning.
  • Lake Platte is located just west of the town of Platte north of Highway 44.
  • Crews are restoring power. City officials say if residents do not have power by 4 p.m., then you will not have power back until at least Friday.
  • The City of Madison has a sanitary sewer emergency. All sewer users are asked to limit the use of the sewer system.
  • Crews had to evacuate residents by front-end loader
  • Up to 30 homes were evacuated Thursday morning.
Pipestone County, MN
Spencer, SD
  • City has declared an emergency
  • Lift station is not working in town; people should not use water

Flooding has also been reported in Stickney. Joann Moller shot this video about 5 miles south of town where the floodwaters are flowing so quickly they washed away yet another road.


KELOLAND’s Lauren Soulek shot this video just south of town.
This is one of the main roads into Delmont. As you can see the water is too deep to drive.

  • The water is rising in Lake Andes, another community that was hit hard by spring flooding.
  • The same road that was flooded and closed all summer long is getting more flooding along the sides. Crews have been working to build it up.
  • It’s now about five feet taller, but with the rain from the last two nights… the water is almost over the road.
Jasper, MN
  • Water is covering Highway 23 in Jasper.
  • Crews are out along the road trying to get cars to slow down around the standing water.

KELOLAND News tried to make it in town, but the water was too deep.


Below is a list of some of the major closings. You can get the latest on the KELOLAND Closeline.

Avera Behavioral Health
  • Avera Behavioral Health Center has announced they will be temporarily closed for 3-6 months.
  • Avera says all patients are safe and many who are medically cleared have been discharged.
  • Others are being treated at Avera McKennan Hospital and University Center.
  • Avera is working with other state partners on proper placement of patients.
  • Patients who need behavioral health assessments are asked to call the Avera Behavioral Health Assessment line at 605-322-4065.
Schools Closed Friday
  • Dakota State University
  • Michell Schools
  • Mitchell Tech
  • Madison Schools
  • Rutland School District
  • Brule County Schools
  • Chester County Schools
  • Parkson Schools
  • Plankinton School District


The American Red Cross has two shelters opened in South Dakota.

  • Sioux Falls
    • WH Lyon Fairgrounds Armory Building
    • 100 N. Lyons Blvd.
    • Will remain open through the weekend
  • Madison
    • City Armory
    • 120 N. Van Eps Ave.

Here’s what you need to know about the American Red Cross shelters.

The Red Cross is also providing flood clean-up kits to residents in Davison County.

Anyone in need of help from the American Red Cross can call the 24-hour disaster hotline at 1-844-292-7677.

Sioux Falls Tornado Clean Up


More than 700 customers are without power as of 5 p.m. (CT) Thursday, according to Xcel Energy. Here’s the latest on that.

Tree Clean Up
  • City officials have extended the hours of city-run pick-up sites from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Both city sites will remain open until the end of September.
  • Locations:
    • City: 1000 East Chambers Street, which is just off North Cliff Avenue (city)
    • City: Just north of 12th Street and Lyons Boulevard (city)
    • Private: Mueller Pallets—27163 471st Avenue. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday; and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday
    • Private: Mueller Pallets—46868 Sands Street. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday; and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Officials are also reminding Sioux Falls residents because of the Emerald Ash Borer, all trees inside city limits must be disposed within the city to help stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer.
  • If you need assistance cleaning up, dial 211.
Tree Pick Up
  • City of Sioux Falls continues to remove fallen trees and large limbs that fell from or landed in the public right-of-way as a result of Tuesday’s storm.
  • The public right-of-way includes the sidewalk, boulevard and street.
  • If a tree or large limb from private property has dropped onto the public right-of-way, City crews will cut the debris at the house side of the sidewalk and clean the debris up to the cut.
  • Any damaged trees or debris that are in an owner’s yard are the responsibility of the owner and will not be removed by the City.
  • Do not add debris from private property to the public right-of-way.
Non-tree debris
  • All non-tree storm debris will be accepted at the Sioux Falls Sanitary Regional Landfill, at no charge, through the end of September.
  • The landfill is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The landfill is located at 26750 464th Ave, Hartford, SD.
  • Projects NICE and KEEP have been suspended until the weather ends.
Reporting damage

In Sioux Falls, residents and businesses are asked to report damage such as downed trees, power lines, gas line damage or structural damage to 211.


The Helpline Center is coordinating volunteers willing to help with debris cleanup. If you are interested in volunteering for cleanup efforts please contact the Helpline Center by dialing 211. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Park Closures
  • Pasley Park is closed due to flooding
  • Yankton Trail Park is closed due to flooding and debris
  • Tuthill Park is closed due to storm damage and debris
  • Bike Trail is closed from Pasley Park to Yankton Trail Park to the levee.

KELOLAND Resources

Here is a list of the rainfall amounts.

Weather Resources


  • Geddes road closed. Courtesy: Lauren Soulek.
  • Lake Hanson Spillway compromised. Courtesy: Julie Brookbank.
  • Madison. Mike Simundson / KELOLAND News.
  • Courtesy: Brandon Trocke.
  • Courtesy: David Paul.
  • Courtesy: uShare.
  • Minneahah County Sheriff Office photo
  • Courtesy: David Paul.
  • Courtesy: David Paul.
  • Madison. Mike Simundson / KELOLAND News.
  • Madison. Mike Simundson / KELOLAND News.
  • Madison. Mike Simundson / KELOLAND News.
  • Courtesy: Brandon Trocke.
  • Courtesy: Brandon Trocke.
  • Courtesy: Brandon Trocke.
  • Courtesy: Cheryl Shelton.
  • Mitchell flooding. Courtesy: uShare.
  • Delmont. Courtesy: Lauren Soulek.
  • Advance Auto Parts on 41st Street
  • Courtesy: Joe.
  • Tree damage. Courtesy: Janice Nelson.
  • Behind Kohl’s Courtesy: Joni
  • 46 West Apartments, south of Western Mall Courtesy: Shaun
  • 46 West Apartments, south of Western Mall Courtesy: Shaun
  • Kiwanis Ave across from O’Gorman Courtesy: KELO Hannah Olsen
  • Kiwanis Ave across from O’Gorman Courtesy: KELO Hannah Olsen
  • Best Buy truck flipped.

Positively KELOLAND

Despite the storm, the community has come together. Here are some of the positive stories we have found: