What’s next for these South Dakota Supreme Court cases?

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VERMILLION, S.D. (KELO) – After three days of oral arguments, the October term of the South Dakota Supreme Court has ended.

Watch the full videos from each oral argument in the video center.

From murder appeals to city incorporation challenges and fraud, the South Dakota Supreme Court heard several cases this week that could set new precedents.

So what’s next?

The court will discuss the case and one justice will be assigned to write the opinion.

Other justices may write a concurring or dissenting opinion to be released with the majority opinion.

After hearing the oral arguments, the Court discusses the case and one justice is assigned to write the opinion in the case. Other justices may write concurring or dissenting opinions to accompany the majority opinion.

“The ultimate goal of the South Dakota Supreme Court is to get a correct decision, not a quick one. Thus, there are no hard and fast rules on when an opinion has to be issued, although there are internal guidelines,” Chief Justice David Gilbertson told KELOLAND’s Bob Mercer.

Gilbertson also said it depends on the type of case.

Chief Justice Gilbertson provides an inside look at South Dakota’s Supreme Court

“Cases are not assigned. They are drawn out of a 10 gallon cowboy hat donated by the late Justice Frank Henderson.”


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“In a single issue case, with a very short trial record concurred in by all the justices, it will probably go out very quickly after conference. That could be as little as a month,” Gilbertson said. “However a case with numerous issues and a voluminous trial record or a split vote among the justices with separate writings will lengthen the process.”

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