Where Are They Now: Filmmakers Who Shot Viral Video Of Badlands

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A year ago Sunday we shared with you a stunning video of South Dakota’s own Badlands National Park that went viral.

The video was filmed by an organization called More Than Just Parks. Their mission is to visit all 59 national parks in the United States.

The crew of three spent 14 days, traveled more than 100 miles and shot more than 20,000 photos and videos of the park.

Will and Jim Pattiz, the brothers who shot the short film say this project started on a fluke – visiting their first national park a few years ago in Arizona. They say they were in total amazement. From that experience, they decided to share the National Parks with as many people as they could.

So where have they been since? They’ve been at parks across the U.S., from the incredible Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota to the volcanoes of Hawaii, they’ve been just about everywhere.

VOYAGEURS 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

HAWAI’I VOLCANOES 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.
In case you missed it, here’s their stunning look at South Dakota’s beautiful Badlands.