Who’s who at USD? | Q&A: SGA President Tyler Tordsen and Vice President Dustin Santjer

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Michael Geheren: What is the role of SGA?

Dustin Santjer: To address the student concerns. It is for SGA to work with students and with faculty. It is all about the students.

Tyler Tordsen: We are the liaison between the student body and the administration, professors, organizations and the community.

MG: How do students get involved with SGA?

TT: Stop by our office, email us. There are our plenty of opportunities to get involved. Not just with the freshman senate seat, but also one of the biggest things I try to do is get more more non-senators on university committees.

DS: As a freshman you are not just limited to the fall semester — elections are in the spring semester.

MG: What are some things you wish you would have known when you entered USD?

TT: What it comes down to is don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask questions. You ask questions, you will find the answers you are looking for. Also, don’t be afraid to get involved, to challenge yourself or do something totally out of the box. Everybody here wants you to succeed and have fun.

MG: What are some of the big things that will impact students?

TT: I think the Coyote mentality — we are going to grow on that. We are going to see a lot more red on campus.

DS: Go to as many events as you can. You are going to find something that you really like and that could define who you are at USD.