Will Noem or Sutton Move To Governor’s Residence In Pierre?

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One of the KELOLAND viewer questions for our debate was from Renne. She points out the governor’s job is 365 days a year, and citizens pay taxes to maintain the governor’s mansion 365 days a year.

Kristi Noem (R) lives in Castlewood and Billie Sutton (D) lives in Burke.

She asked, “is it your intention, should you be elected as governor, to move completely and on a full-time basis with your families to the house provided and maintained by the citizens of this state?”

Neither committed to moving to the governor’s residence, which opened in 2005.

“My family probably will not move, because we will be there and certainly we’ll be committed to a full-time-on-the-job. I will go back and forth much like I have in Washington,” Noem said.

Noem also said she would make the residence more open to the public.

“We will tackle that when we get there but, we will definitely spend the vast majority of our time as a family in Pierre,” Sutton said.

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